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Dor is a slow fashion brand for lightness and simple sophistication. 

Let us explain:

Slow fashion: Just like the slow food movement, fashion should be consumed slowly for the best interest of people and nature. It should be practiced carefully with high quality standards, responsibly for the environmental impact and respectfully to labourers and human health. 

We work with the highest quality Belgian Linen, which is one of the eco-friendliest and healthiest natural fibers on earth. From farm to final product, our products are made by people with fair and ethical working conditions, respecting nature and animals. 

Lightness: Style and comfort are most valuable when together. Linen breathes. It is light, noble and natural. Our cuts are modern, clean and liberating. 

Simplicity: We believe in simplicity, not just because it is a trend but because it can never be outmoded or old-fashioned. We want our products to be worn and cherished for decades, not replaced by new ones each season. Linen is one of the most durable and long-lasting natural fibers. Our colours and designs are simple yet sophisticated for a life-long effortless style

Sophistication: The horse is in the details. Less is more, and less is harder to make. With unique accessories and smart lines, simplicity becomes sophistication. Linen itself is always unique and sophisticated with its irregular texture.