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Farewell to Coimbra Keten Şort Etek

4,699.00 TRY

100% Biodegradable

Low Carbon Footprint

%100 Belçika Keteni

Model bedeni: S

Modelin boyu: 1.75 m

Modelin ölçüleri: 86/60/89


Coimbra'ya Veda - Farewell to Coimbra

Tırmandıkça tırmandı. Ortaçağdan kalma kasabanın içerisinde su gibi buluyordu insan yolunu. Birden bastırdı yağmur, arnavut kaldırımı yokuşlardan gerisin geri sürüklemek istercesine O'nu. Bir cam kenarına dayandı. Portekiz gitarının nakış gibi işlediği şarkı çalındı içeriden kulağına. Dünyada çok az ses bu kadar büyüleyici bir tınıya sahipti. Nice iç yakan Fado'lar dinlemişti Lizbon'lu kadınlardan; ancak Portekiz'in başka hiçbir yerinde böyle mağrur ve yumuşak bir yakarış duymamıştı alınyazısına. Coimbra fadosu, yüzyıllardır sadece Coimbra Üniversiteli erkekler tarafından bestelenir ve yine onlar tarafından kara cüppeleri ile söylenebilirdi. Öylece oturdu kaldırıma ve hayal alemini çizgi çizgi kıyafetlerine işledi. Şarkı şöyle diyordu: 'Coimbra daha büyülü, veda zamanı geldiğinde'

100% Belgian Linen

Ethically manufactured in Istanbul

Our garments are 100% Biodegradable

Our linen is manufactured carbon neutrally, so our overall carbon footprint is 63% less than the industry average.

Farewell to Coimbra Keten Şort Etek

4,699.00 TRY

Our linen is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics

Very limited use of water & chemicals

From flax to fiber: Our linen is cultivated in the region between Northern France and Amsterdam. In contrary to many other natural fibers, flax plant needs no additional irrigation and only grows with rain water. Flax plant needs much less fertilizers and pesticides compared to cotton.

During our linen fabrics’ manufacturing, only natural dew retting practices are adopted for separating fibers from stems whereas chemical retting or water
retting are also used in the industry to speed up the process resulting harmful impact such as water pollution. Natural dew does not use any additional energy, water or chemicals and purely rely on natural decomposition on the soil.

Carbon neutral fabric production

From fiber to fabric: 100% renewable energy is used for our fabric manufacturing (a mix
of solar & wind energy)

Our fabric manufacturing process is carbon neutral which accounts for
58% less carbon footprint compared to conventional linen fabric manufacturing*, 63% less carbon footprint compared to industry average value chain

Certified for excellence

Our fabrics are certified Belgian Linen & Masters of Linen•“MASTERS
| MASTERS OF LINEN® is a registered mark and sign of excellence for linen 100% Made in EUROPE, from field to yarn to fabric..”

Our linens and mother of pearl shells are certified Oeko-tex, which ensure no harmful ingredients are
used in manufacturing practice.

Our supply chain is simple, traceable and fair

Traceability of our raw materials throughout the supply chain is an important metric to evaluate our environmental impact.

Our linen fabrics are cultivated and manufactured within 300 km radius in Belgium, whereas our mother of pearl shell buttons are harvested and manufactured in Madagascar. Our raw materials are shipped directly to Istanbul where our garment production takes place. This operation is repeated twice a year via air freight. Through Go Green Climate program of our freight partner, we have recently started offsetting our transportation-related carbon emissions.

All of our suppliers and our garment manufacturer are aligned with fair labor standards set by ILO and local governments.

Our Garments are designed to last

Average display time of a garment on our rack is 1,83 years

As a slow fashion brand, we
carry most of our styles for multiple seasons. While we introduce new collections each year, we do not discount the previous ones. Instead, we blend new styles with the ongoing collections and let all styles stay longer on racks.

Currently %48 of our inventory is older than 1 year and stil loved by consumers.

Zero waste approach & circularity

We collect and upcycle all the fabric waste from garment manufacturing. We design smaller items and art pieces with the scraps.

Life long guarentee

Our products are designed to last. We encourage customers to bring back their products to have them repaired or upcycled. We issue discount coupons for items returned. None of the items in our inventory are or have ever been sent to landfill by us.

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