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Linen and Care

Linen is one of the finest natural fabrics available on earth. It is naturally superior in terms of quality, health and environmental impact.
The Belgian Linen is renowned as the highest quality linen in the world and a member of European Masters of Linen Association. All our products are 100% Belgian Linen and have their unique certificates of origin. We hope you love and cherish them. 

Why we love linen

100% natural and healthy


Linen yarns have a specific irregular structure that forms unique and beautiful texture when woven into fabric

Thermo-regulating. Keeps cool in summer, warm in winter

Highly-absorbent. Breathes and dries fast

Becomes even softer and better in time  

Very durable

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Completely biodegradable and recyclable

Care for linen

Love it.

Wash at max 40°C, unless instructed otherwise on the product tag.

Use a mild soap and avoid chlorine bleach.

The best for your linen and environment is to line dry.

If using a tumbler, dry on medium heat and do not over dry.

Iron with steam on slightly damp linen.

Regularly cherish it if not always.

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